The Mission Board was established in 1970 with the mandate to operate the foreign mission program in Brazil on behalf of the original sending church,  the Maranatha Canadian Reformed Church. In 2013, Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church took over the role of sending church. Currently, Aldergrove and the supporting churches throughout Western Canada and the Western United States work to assists the IRB federation in evangelism and mission work. The Mission Board supports two missionaries who are actively working in the northeastern part of Brazil, centered in Recife, Brazil.

Mission Aid Brazil aims to provide Christian relief and development aid to needy people in Brazil, focusing especially on those within the household of faith, to support the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ and in coordination with the Mission Board, the local Brazilian Reformed Churches and the Canadian Reformed missionaries in Brazil.

Located on the outskirts of Recife, this property is being developed to house the missionaries as well as provide a location for training, retreats and speeches for the IRB. The Yarrow Canadian Reformed Church is directly responsible for the ATC’s maintenance and care.The IRB (Igrejas Reformadas do Brasil) run a program called Joao Calvino Instituto (The John Calvin Institute).  It provides training to prepare seminarians to become pastors and missionaries. Joao Calvino Instituto includes in-person and online courses by various professors and pastors as well as more practical involvement in church-work.